You're in!

Welcome to Framepad, the ultimate component and resource site for Framer! See how it works below.

1. Remix the Starter file

Before starting a project in Framer, remix the Starter File. This file is set up to work best with Framepad components, manage all your styles and build with best practises.

2. Copy components

Browse through the library of responsive components. Simply hit the copy button on a component you want to use.

3. Paste in Framer

On your Framer canvas, paste the component (hit CMD + V / CTRL+ V on your keyboard) and it will copy over. It's that easy.

4. Detach components

For best practise, paste the component in the dedicated layer indicated in the Starter file, and set the width of the component to 'Fill'. You can detach the component to make any edits if you like!

Framepad Components are designed to be ready to go out of the box, yet flexible enough to be edited completely to fit your brand and style.