The ultimate component library for Framer

Get a hold of the largest Framer component library built for speed and consistency. Explore 150+ responsive components.

Join 800+ Framer pros using Framepad components

Access 150+ components

With regular updates

Easily copy & paste components

Copy components from Framepad and paste them directly onto the Framer canvas. Fully responsive and ready to go. It’s that easy.

Create consistent designs

Ensure consistent sizing and spacing on your site with logically layered and named components.

Fits any project

Components are lightly styled, making them publish ready out of the box, yet adaptable enough to apply any brand identity and style.

The fastest way to build in Framer

With over 150 layouts to choose from, each component is fully responsive and adaptable to deploy for any use case.

Why lightly styled?

Components feature basic styling such as corner radius, shadows, and hover states to increase efficiency, while still remaining adaptable to any brand.

Production ready websites

In half the time

Freelancers & agencies

Create custom websites for clients faster and easier, allowing you to focus on the design and visuals.

Creators & startups

Launch beautiful marketing sites for SaaS products, online courses and more in no time.

Template creators

Use Framepad components to build Framer templates really, really fast! No kidding, go make those sales!


Learn best practises and essential Framer skills with easy to use, responsive components.

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Can I use Framepad components to create templates to sell?

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