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Framepad UI kit launch

27 March, 2024

We're thrilled to share the new version of Framepad with you. Call it a re-release, 2.0 or just the new Framepad, we've made tonnes of changes since the beta.

The new Framepad UI kit and design system features more website layouts (a lot more - with more variation too!), an integrated design system with a tonne of components and global styles.

This new kit has everything included in a single Framer project. The benefit of this is that all color and text styles, as well as components stay linked - so any changes you make to the design system will update to every layout and component!

Framepad Beta

09 May, 2023

For months we were testing, refining and improving Framepad in a free beta. This helped us build the new Framepad kit to what it is today!

Thank you to everyone who used the beta and helped us test!

Unlimited access to the most powerful UI kit & design system built for Framer

Get access to an ever growing collection of components, sections and templates.